Gjermund is an actor with credits from theatre, film and TV in both Norway and USA. He also finds it weird to write about himself in third person. So he will stop doing that, right now.

I was never a big athlete growing up. My weekends were spent participating in chess tournaments. I got my first taste of acting while attending high school in Oslo, performing in several comedy plays and playing a recurring role in critically acclaimed TV show Kongsvik VGS. I did still however spend most of my time indulging in other interests, like playing guitar in my band (Taskenspill), roaming around the forest on skis or by bike, or by attending ballroom dancing classes to meet cute girls. 

When I graduated I was drafted into the army, serving for one year as second-in-command in my combat team at Setermoen in the North of Norway. I decided to try out for the elite Telemark Battalion, and ended up serving there for another year. A guy in my unit from the first year made this film with footage from our service. It's a fun watch if you are into that stuff (a lot of the footage is from my helmet camera). 

I decided, on an impulse, to quit and move to New York to pursue acting. It was quite the move for a guy who had spent the last couple of years lugging around weapons in the wilderness wearing snowshoes. I sat down, googled acting schools, and applied for the one I deemed to be the most exciting one. 

I moved to New York without a place to stay. I spent the first week walking up and down the city, from Wall Street to Harlem, going to sleep wherever I happened to be when night came. 

The two years I spent at the school were truly transformative. Saying that sounds corny, but whatchagonnado, sometimes the truth is corny. 

I am forever grateful to my teachers at the institute, and all the great actors I have had the pleasure of meeting while I've been here. 

To the adventures to come!

Gjermund Gjesme