Wrapped feature ODD MAN RUSH!

I got to have the awesome experience of filming a hockey movie in upstate New York. I’m super pumped about this one. It’s produced by Howard Baldwin and will hopefully be released later this year. Here’s a picture from a hockey practice with some of the cast.

Form left to right: Dylan Playfair, Kazy Tauginas, Doug Dearth, Gjermund Gjesme, Jack Mulhern, Caspar Phillipson

Form left to right: Dylan Playfair, Kazy Tauginas, Doug Dearth, Gjermund Gjesme, Jack Mulhern, Caspar Phillipson

Red Dead Redemption 2!

I got to play a character in Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games. They did a pretty great job with making video game me look like real life me, eh?


13 months of touring is over. Now, Shakespeare.

Five weeks ago I moved back to Brooklyn after touring the US for 13 months. It was a great experience. As soon as I was back in town I stared rehearsing for Shakespeare Downtown's Summer production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Castle Clinton in Battery park, directed by Geoffrey Horne. I play Oberon and Theseus. A very challenging part, but definitly nice to do something so different after doing a stunt show for a year.


Festival successes, new shows, and commercials! Phew.

Hotel Catiphoria, the short play I did at the Boo! Theatre Festival won! How nice. 

The short film The Milk Walk was nominated to "Best Film" at the New Voices Film Festival at NYU. Also nice. Didn't win though. 

My 45th and final show of The Polar Express ended on December 30th, and after a solid 4 day vacation I began rehearsals for both the Off-Broadway production of the Russian play "Ask Joseph" written and directed by Slava Stepnov, AND the return of A HISTORY OF SERVITUDE, reworked from our run this summer at the NYCFringe. The latter will be running for 12 shows at Peoples Improv Theatre 



Cast and crew of The Polar Express, directed by the awesome Vance Garrett and Crystal Anderson.

John Smith and Santa Claus

I will be playing the role of John Smith in a TV documentary about Pocahontas produced by The Biscuit Factory (http://biscuitfactory.tv), shooting in North Virginia in November. I will also play Santa in the 44 show long run of The Polar Express Train Ride (http://www.whippanythepolarexpressride.com) in November and Desember. That is cool. 

This past month I filmed a short film, Dwarf Trees, directed by Geronimo Tanoira. See pictures underneath. I play the lead of Noah, an introverted musician. 

I also filmed two commercials, one for a kickstarter campaign for Bear Soles, and one for Tiny Prints produced by Scary Mommy (http://www.scarymommy.com). 

The cool kid on the right plays young Noah. Pretty good casting. 

Stop with your bullshit right there   

Stop with your bullshit right there


Two shows in August

Phew, August was a crazy month! I had a great run with the show A History of Servitude at the Fringe Festival. It was a good first show for me as a new cast member of the Commedia dell'arte troupe "Department of Fools". I look forward to the work to come. 

I also did a show called I Never Said Yes at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, another educational experience. The rest of the month has been filled with some auditions and meetings, and I am very excited about starting the work with a handfull of very cool agents.

The crazy cast of A History of Servitude! I am the weirdo in the back. Okay, so everyone is weirdoes. I am the bearded guy with his hands in the air.

Backstage photo with Marija Skangale, a cast member of I Never Said Yes. We blondes gotta stick together.

Wrapped pilot for feature with star cast!

August 2016

Last week we wrapped the pilot for the feature Cadaver, written and directed by visionary Jarand Herdal. 

The film seeks to add integrity to an often reviled genre, depicting the story of a fictitious hunger crisis during WWII, where a hotel staff puts on a play to attract an audience they plan to eat in order to survive. 

Pretty excited about being the co-lead, along with this insane cast: Thorbjørn Harr (Vikings, Younger, The Last King), Gitte Witt (The Impossible, The Sleepwalker) and Erik Hivju (Max Manus, Kongens Nei). 

If you speak Norwegian you can read two articles about the project here:



Oh, and here's a picture of me, the director Jarand Herdal, and my co-star Gitte Witt on the cover of Norway's biggest news paper (Aftenposten)..

First show at The Fringe Festival

July 2016

My first theatre project after graduating will be at the New York International Fringe Festival in August with the show A History of Servitute by the Department of Fools. First show is August 14th. Read all about it here.


We will be performing at the outdoor venue: 6 & B Garden on the corner of 6th street and avenue B. I promise we will make you laugh. Damn me if I'm wrong. 

Look at that adorable little stage. How can you NOT come to our show.


July 2016

Yup. I am done! Thank you all, it´s been magic. Two years at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute is over, onwards to new adventures. 

Cast photo from my Conservatory Performance, dir. Lorca Peress

Masterclass with Vincent D'Onofrio

June 2016

I experienced my most challenging and rewarding week yet when I got the opportunity to participate in a Masterclass with the champion Vincent D'Onofrio! Thank you Vinny, can't wait to see you in The Magnificent Seven!