Wrapped pilot for feature with star cast!

August 2016

Last week we wrapped the pilot for the feature Cadaver, written and directed by visionary Jarand Herdal. 

The film seeks to add integrity to an often reviled genre, depicting the story of a fictitious hunger crisis during WWII, where a hotel staff puts on a play to attract an audience they plan to eat in order to survive. 

Pretty excited about being the co-lead, along with this insane cast: Thorbjørn Harr (Vikings, Younger, The Last King), Gitte Witt (The Impossible, The Sleepwalker) and Erik Hivju (Max Manus, Kongens Nei). 

If you speak Norwegian you can read two articles about the project here:



Oh, and here's a picture of me, the director Jarand Herdal, and my co-star Gitte Witt on the cover of Norway's biggest news paper (Aftenposten)..