Two shows in August

Phew, August was a crazy month! I had a great run with the show A History of Servitude at the Fringe Festival. It was a good first show for me as a new cast member of the Commedia dell'arte troupe "Department of Fools". I look forward to the work to come. 

I also did a show called I Never Said Yes at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, another educational experience. The rest of the month has been filled with some auditions and meetings, and I am very excited about starting the work with a handfull of very cool agents.

The crazy cast of A History of Servitude! I am the weirdo in the back. Okay, so everyone is weirdoes. I am the bearded guy with his hands in the air.

Backstage photo with Marija Skangale, a cast member of I Never Said Yes. We blondes gotta stick together.